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iEnterprise Online Sdn Bhd (iEnterprise) is a market leader in Oracle and Java based custom application development solution and services to businesses in Malaysia. Apart from providing custom development solutions and services, we also have a range of products which includes a comprehensive ERP Suite of Products, Anti Money Laundering (AML) products, Membership System for Cooperatives, Guarantee System for Financial Instruments and a Call Centre Management System. We pride ourselves in meeting the unique business requirements of the industry by providing robust and reliable products as well as solutions.

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Our Competency

In every customer interaction or engagement, our team of highly experienced professionals endeavors to utilize their respective industry experiences and domain expertise to effectively and efficiently craft optimal solutions for the respective areas of need with a view of assisting our customers in achieving operational excellence.

Given our team's dedication towards utilizing best practices with regards to the latest or most practical technological approaches along with proven project delivery methodologies, this disciplined approach would invariably ensure a desirable engagement outcome for our valued customers.

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Value Proposition

iEnterprise is essentially founded on the fundamental value proposition of striving for the best possible level of Customer Responsiveness and Satisfaction. It is our strong belief that every business' requirements & aspirations are unique and deserves personalised attention.

This is our core belief that drives us to ensure that we understand the business domain and to apply our experience and technological know-how to provide superior solutions. Additionally, our ability to provide the services to customize the systems to fit the businesses is the cornerstone of our value proposition.

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Core Values

We are extremely proud that over the decades, our core values have differentiated us from other market competitors. Customers continue to respect us for maintaining our professional recommendations and our dedication to fulfilling our promises under challenging circumstances.

In many cases, we have proven ourselves to be a committed partner to our customers and in return these customers have remained loyal to us throughout the years thereby allowing us to grow with them as their business expands and their system requirements grow. One of our longest partnership have lasted more than 20 years and still continue till today as we navigate the changing business environment together.

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iEnterprise Online is an accredited as an MSC Status Company.

iEnterprise Online is an accredited as an MSC Status Company.