Best Practices based on 20 years of experience both locally and abroad in various business sectors

In every customer engagement, we bring both our ability to apply best practices to customer processes and requirements, as well as our proven technical expertise to bear.

Our knowledge of various industry practices are incorporated both into our products as well as reflected within our project delivery methodologies. Business practices and norms e.g. treatment of capital allowances, handling of banking transactions such as reconciliation, post-dated cheques and many others, represent practical considerations where there is no substitute for acquired practical experience.


Applying the Leading Edge and Robust Technologies to Problems

Our technical specialists are extensively trained on the Oracle and Java platform including core database technologies and Oracle Developer tools.


Presently our focus is on Java technologies to be used where platform portability and scalability is required. In line with industry trends, we have also developed expertise in many open source systems and frameworks. Some of the ones that we have applied successfully are Oracle ADF, Spring and Grails.

Our experience extends beyond the desktop environment, encompassing shop-floor systems, gaming terminals, handheld applications and soon mobile applications. 


We have built an enviable track record of being a specialist in:

  • Oracle Technologies
  • Java Frameworks, Applications and Portals
  • Customised ERP Solutions
  • Turnkey Projects for Financial Institutions
  • Handheld and Mobile Applications


Ensuring Successful Project Delivery via proper Project Management and Controls


In delivering our projects, we adopt  the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) to reflect the unique nature of each project. With staff trained and certified in PMP and SCRUM methodologies we can engage with clients in a multitude of approaches and deliver projects in accordance with customer expectations.

By embracing an open management style, we capture the best practices and knowledge of all our staff for continuous improvement.