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Avatar is a suite of insurance related software solutions for life insurers. A sample range of “Avatar” products being offered are depicted below:-


Sales Force Application (SFA)

This product is a Point-of-Sales system for the Agency and Bancassurance channels utilizing the latest mobile technologies to enhance user & customer experience as well as sales acquisition. It provides functions to capture contact details, the fact find, need analysis, sales illustration and proposal information capture. Together with an offline capable product engine, it allows for the sales force to go about their business effectively anywhere and anytime.

New Business and Underwriting

This product module handles proposal management. It has a configurable underwriting rules engine that allows for the definition of rules by the underwriters and not the programmers, a comprehensive underwriting workbench with medical report analysis & suggested actions. It provides for workflow routing as well as a single view management dashboard for a 360° view of the submitted proposals.

Bancassurance solution

This solution is targeted at the Bancassurance channel. It has an engine which performs lead generation that can then be distributed to the financial planners. The fact-finding, quotation, recommendation and sales closure modules on the other hand, provide automation to increase productivity of the life insurance planners.

Client Portal

The Client Portal solution provides a one-stop 24x7 online service avenue to the insurers’ clients in handling their enquiries, alteration, claims etc. notification & requests.

Agency Training Portal

Our Agency Training Portal provides an online registration and tracking of training requirements for the sales force and adherence to regulatory requirements. Apart from helping the insurer to track the training requirements of the agency force, agents and agency leaders can also login to find out about course schedules and register for available courses. Additionally, information about short-fall or fulfillment of the training requirements is available to the agents and the agency leaders as well.