Being instrumental in nation building, the credit guarantee function has to manage the risks of its portfolio and balance its growth. Undertaking such highly specialized custom development based on the MYSTICS framework is a testimony of the depth of skills and commitment that we bring to bear in our projects. Covering the entire life cycle starting from origination to administration, monitoring and claims, the MYSTICS Credit Guarantee system is distinctly in a class of its own.


  • Guarantee Origination
  • Billing Management
  • Guarantee Administration
  • Loans Monitoring and Rehabilitation
  • Non-Performing Loans
  • Provisioning
  • Claims Management
  • Subrogation and Recovert
  • Integrated Funds


Ensuring sufficient liquidity for business operations as well as obtaining optimal returns on company funds are the twin challenges of corporate treasury departments. Relying on our long standing experience, the MYSTICS Corporate Treasury system has been designed to cater to all necessary corporate fund management and investment needs including all the financial instruments.


  • Funds Management
  • Corporate Financing
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Money Market
  • Foreign Exchange


The cooperative business is unique in its mission to further the collective benefit of its members. Benefitting from the proven MYSTICS platform and our in-depth custom development expertise, the MYSTICS Koperasi system handles the end-to-end process of operating an efficient cooperative. All transactions of a member is tracked in the system right from registration to loans, deposits, payments, dividends etc thus providing a complete lifecycle view.


  • Membership
  • Loans
  • Deposits
  • Billings
  • Collections
  • Dividends Management