Solutions for the ASEAN companies


The MYSTICS solution suite provides end-to-end business functionality to meet the most demanding business requirements. MYSTICS is being used in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications and finance.

Key features of MYSTICS solution are:      

  1. Fully Integrated:
    Rapid information processing, sharing, management and operational decision fully supported by real-time data       
  2. Extensive Analysis and Reporting:
    Simplified monitoring of key performance indicators to provide total business condition visibility      
  3. Multi-Company and Multi-Currency:
    Ability to view management information across a group of companies and handle foreign currency transactions       
  4. Proven:
    Built upon reliable Oracle and Java technologies serving many long-term customers       
  5. Own Source Code:
    Customizable to fit customers’ unique business processes     

The MYSTICS solution suite comprises of: 




EastNets Anti Money Laundering Solutions

EastNets solutions include:

  • en.SafeWatch Filtering, enabling full compliance with the international and local anti-money laundering laws, with online checks of the transactions and clients' database against the blacklists, including OFAC, PEPs, and a variety of lists provided by third-party vendors;
  • en.SafeWatch Profiling, a sophisticated customer behavior and account monitoring system for applying the KYC rules and detecting, managing and reporting the suspicious transactions;
  • en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud, providing real time ATM, online, credit card and wire fraud prevention.

EastNets also delivers SWIFT value-add solutions dedicated to the financial institutions that utilize the SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) and include:

  • en.Reporting, a consultation, monitoring and reporting system of the SWIFT Traffic, able to keep online the historical data with an in-depth view of the archives;
  • en.Duplicate Detection, which prevents the emission of duplicate FIN outgoing messages and the processing of incoming messages;
  • en.Recovery, for the automation and optimization of the restart process of SAA in the event of failure of the primary system.

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Services for Any Size Projects


Customized Development

Our unique ability to leverage the proven MYSTICS framework together with our Oracle expertise for custom development work translates into rapid project delivery at the lowest possible risk for our customers. We take pride in our ability to understand the true requirements of our customers and to configure right-sized solutions.

Amongst the multitude of projects that we have delivered over years include: 

  • Distributor portals built on Java framework and Oracle technologies
  • Offline and Online Gaming system integrating embedded Linux, Java and Oracle database
  • Real-time tracking of manufacturing processes using online Shop floor terminals built on Java
  • Hand-held, mobile barcode scanning systems
  • Member portals for inquiries and requests using Spring framework

Oracle Certified Partner

Oracle Certified Partner

Oracle Professional Services

Customers may avail themselves to our established in-depth Oracle technology expertise in areas such as database installation, migration, tuning and recovery and Oracle Forms and Reports migration or enhancement.  Being a key Oracle partner, our staff is highly trained and certified as Oracle Certified Professionals.

Java Professional Services

With a trained team in the latest Java technologies, frameworks (such as Oracle ADF, Spring and Grails)  and development methodologies, we can assists companies to capitalize on these Enterprise frameworks to build internal applications or portal sites.

Mobile Applications

We are starting up a new mobile application development team as an additional service offerings for all our existing clients and target markets, to help them reach out and service their customers better.