iEnterprise Online Sdn Bhd (iEnterprise) is a subsidiary of Ancom Berhad.

Listed on Bursa Malaysia, Ancom Berhad has business interests in media and advertising, IT services, agricultural and chemical manufacturing, chemical and petro-chemical trading, logistics and warehouse services. For Financial Year ended 2013, Ancom Berhad achieved revenues in excess of RM 2 Billion.

As the core strategic business unit in Ancom Berhad’s IT services, iEnterprise is a market leader in Oracle and Java based application development solution and services to businesses in Malaysia and ASEAN countries. We are a software development specialist with clients in a broad range of industries, ranging from the Financial Services sector, GLC's, Co-operative Societies, Education and Manufacturing.

iEnterprise is also accredited as an MSC Status Company.